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The Nation’s #1 Provider Of Scoops

For over 50 years Measurex® has been providing consumers the tools necessary for all the right measurements. This makes us the scoop experts.

The Scoop On Our History

The Measurex® product line started in the late 1950’s. Initially, measuring products were designed and tools were built by the Margon Company in NJ to fill specific customer requirements in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical markets. Over time, the quality reputation of Measurex® evolved and the product line grew. In January of 1969, Margon realized the value of the brand they had built and trademarked Measurex®. We continued to grow supplying scoops for national brands such as Swiss Miss, Lipton, Nestle, Lever Brothers, Chock Full o’ Nuts, Kraft, etc. Production of Measurex® remained in NJ. under the management of the original owners until 1993, when it was sold to S&L Plastics and moved to Nazareth, PA.

S&L resumed production of Measurex® scoops with a continued focus on quality. Our scoops are produced with lot traceability from raw materials that meet the strict requirements of the Food & Drug Administration. Under S&L’s ownership in 2001, ISO certification was achieved and the facility was recently re-certified to the ISO 9001:2008 Standard.

In April 2012, Airlite Plastics Co. acquired S&L Plastics, including the Measurex® product line. Airlite is a privately held company operating in Omaha, Nebraska for more than 50 years. Product lines include containers and lids for food packaging and drink cups, as well as expanded polystyrene coolers, insulated concrete forms , and other custom plastic products. Airlite appreciated the quality reputation of Measurex®and saw synergy with the tubs, lids and measuring containers they manufactured.

What I appreciate most about Airlite Plastics, above and beyond the quality of the product they provide, is their level of service.  No matter of what our “ask” may be, we get timely feedback and great effort from Airlite to help us move forward.  They are a very trusted vendor of ours.       

– Maple Island Inc.

Proven manufacturing processes, outstanding quality control, on-time delivery from stock and realistic pricing are all part of the measurex® formula. For over 50 years, that formula has spelled success for many of the largest and smallest companies in the world who use measurex® scoops.

We Know Scoops

It’s just a fact that you can’t design and manufacturer scoops for so many different industries for over 5 decades without learning a thing or two.

That’s why we understand that some companies need their scoops to provide different functions. We’re here to help you customize your scoops for various levels of functionality. Let us help you create the right scoop for your products.

Always Exploring New Ideas and Designs

Because we’re an ever evolving company, we love when people come to us with various needs. We even have engineers on staff to help with the design of your scoop. So, in that sense, we have our own research and design department.

So, yes, we take our scoops that seriously

Bulk Order Plastic Measuring Scoops Sold Online

All plastic measuring scoops are, designed, produced and tested through multiple lab studies. 

Extra Small Scoops

Measurex® uses its state-of-the-art tooling to design & manufacture extra small scoops that deliver critical measuring results in laboratories – providing fractional measurements that are innovating solutions for research and development. 

Small Scoops

In many industries, a dash of an ingredient or fraction of materials are all that's needed to become a revelation and game changer in the field of health care and beyond. Our small scoop designs provide this accurate measurement in such a critical industry. 

Medium Scoops

When preparing a powdered drink mix or a brew of specialty coffee, Measurex®’s medium scoops are designed with a measuring capability that helps to ensure your product’s taste and consistency are synonymous with the quality you require. 


Our large scoops are appearing more and more in powdered mixes that are used to help those who want a healthy lifestyle. Our large scoops are serving an important role, such as measuring nutritional supplements and making it convenient for the user who is usually on-the-go. Our large scoops have a 1.61” diameter bowl and come in three handle lengths. 

Extra Large

Measurex® manufactures extra large scoops for major brands of protein powders and meal replacement supplement mixes. Our unique and precise design allows these products to help people reach their full potential. We offer a wide range of bowl capacities. Our extra large scoops have a 1.83” diameter bowl and come in two handle lengths. 

Extra Extra Large

Measurex® manufactures extra, extra large scoops that are used in measuring supplements or nutritionals for pets, and for use in veterinarian and the farming industry. These scoops are being used to measure feed additives and supplements for weight gain and nutrition for animals. We also see many of these scoops used in adult meal replacement products. 

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